The Element Group, originally Building Science Solutions, was founded as a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating company in Marion, Iowa in early 2007. Owners Matt Hoskins and Alex Hefflefinger began with a small group of clients in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area. As their reputation grew, they quickly expanded into Iowa City and Dubuque. They also started to explore new territory within the energy efficiency industry, adding commercial tax deductions, National Comfort Institute testing, government-financed work and NGBS Green certifications to their services. In 2010, the increasing workload led to expanding the workforce, while continuously striving to maintain the principles of excellent communication and high quality output. Later that year, The Element Group took over a large group of residential clients from a rating company in Des Moines, and started a branch there. Just over a year later, they added a third branch in Minneapolis.

To date, The Element Group has worked with over 400 clients, completed over 5000 Energy Star certifications, and assisted hundreds of government-funded multifamily projects.